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STEM education institute

At WisMon we have one goal: to make STEM education fun and accessible for everyone. Do you share this mission? Give us a call, we’d love to hear from you!

What we could do for you

Implementing your innovation in the Netherlands

Every year, great STEM education innovations are being created worldwide. At WisMon, we believe in sharing in each others’ succes. Did you create a STEM education innovation that you believe would also add value in the Dutch education system? Please give us a call. Our team of STEM teachers is very interested in evaluating your idea. If we believe in your vision and see a place for your innovation within the Dutch system, we’d love to team up. Together we can make and execute a plan that allows for your innovation to find it’s place in Dutch classrooms long-term. So that all student may recieve the best STEM education.

Taking the Netherlands' lessons abroad


Did you know the Netherlands currently ranks 6th in the world in Mathematics’ education, and 11th in Science education, according to the OECD’s PISA rankings? At WisMon, we believe many things are going well and other things could be improved. But the things that are going well, you could use! Let’s not all try to reinvent the wheel (unless on purpose in an engineering class ;). WisMon is a driving force in STEM innovation in The Netherlands. The programmes we have created and the lessons we have learned, you can use. Just give us a call, we’d love to take the best of Dutch STEM education abroad.

Innovations we believe in


Robots are a great tool for STEM education. Teaching our youngest students that programming is fun, coaching those with performance anxiety and helping teachers with mundane tasks.

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality enables teachers to show students places they would otherwise never have been able to see. Take a school trip to mars, your own body or the inside of a molecular structure. VR makes learning fun!

Learning by designing


Problem solving, creativity and cooperation are essential skills students learn when they’re learning by designing. While designing a solution and having fun, students see the purpose of the content knowledge they’re learning.

STEM education for refugees

The STEM field offers wonderful opportunities for those trying to start a second life in The Netherlands. STEM specific language and a different type of teaching often forms a barrier, that WisMon takes away.

Subjects we love


WisMon started as a mathematics institute. Thousands of hours of teaching, several publications and a few innovations later, we’re still not tired of maths. We believe that everyone can love to learn math and will not stop untill that vision is reality.


A good physics teacher can show you the structure of the world. For physics we’ve helped publish textbooks, taught countless hours and are inspiring a new generation to love physics via our inquiry based learning and learning by designing methods.


Inquiry based learning seems invented for chemistry. To this day, chemistry with all its experiments is the subject to teach via IBL. At WisMon, we teach and develop education around chemistry that awakens students’ natural curiosity and gets them excited to learn.


Biology connects all STEM subjects and is one of the biggest departements within WisMon. Whether it´s helping schools with experiments on plants, virtual labs or using AR to look at the inside of a heart, WisMon loves to bring the biology curriculum to life.

Computer science

WisMon is one of the first to start helping even our youngest students to learn about computer science. Together with great partners we’ve taken the initiative to develop education and train teachers so that every student can start learning now.


With new technology comes a new engineering curriculum. WisMon is helping partners to innovate their education to incorporate developments in both technology and education. So that our students today may build the world of tomorrow.

Who we are

WisMon strives to make STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics) education fun and accessible for everyone. Our team consists of teachers that all have a background in at least one of the STEM subjects and continue to teach. This way, we can develop educational materials and applications and give (teacher-)trainings and advice that is directly applicable in the classroom. We love to add value in a way that makes both teachers and students happy.

We gladly work on assignment for a variety of partners. And we’re proud to have our own educational programmes: Robotics for education, Virtual Reality for education, Inquiry Based Learning combined with Learning by Designing and STEM education for refugees. The enthusiastic WisMon team creates the educational opportunities for all.

New technologies are going to play a part in the (STEM) education of the future. Technological innovations can be of great added value. But smart and sustainable implementation in the Dutch education system demands a practice-based approach that doesn’t lose sight of the bigger picture. WisMon delivers that approach.

WisMons’ team of teachers creates and/or gives educational materials, training, guest lectures or classes, implementation programs and advice in order to introduce everyone to the STEM education of the future.

Our partners